Business Vehicle Process

Have you always thought about starting a business, but didn’t know where to start? Or, do you have a business that you want to take to the next level?

If so, then BMI’s Business Vehicle Process online business class is where you should start.

The BVP program is about putting people on Purpose and plugging them into their vehicle of business that best suits that purpose, their God given Talents for going up the business vertical or mountain that God has led them to take dominion over and have that mountain bow to The Mountain of God!

It is time for us to get back our place in this world of being “the salt” and “the light” wielding our power, dominion and authority in love and on purpose (assignment) for the Kingdom of God.

In the BVP online training we use a 7 step approach to this:

  1. We help you, the student, believe that you were created by Papa God for a purpose that advances of The Kingdom of God. And in that assignment lies Shalom (Health, wealth, peace, joy… Nothing lacking… Right where God put it for you).
  2. We then give you a Talent and Strength Finder Test that picks out your top 5 greatest God Given Talents. We also help you develop these into Strengths. We teach you not work at making your weaknesses mediocre, but to instead embrace and build on your strengths. Why? Because they have been given to you by God and will be needed to complete your assignment (purpose).
  3. We then give you a Purpose Discovery Test that helps to guide you to what you were called to do and allows you to embrace how big your assignment really is. Because, it’s not about you!
  4. Next, we identify your vertical. There are seven different vertical global market segments that any business can belong to. These are the 7 cultural mind molders of a society. As you go through our Business Vehicle Process program you will learn which vertical you are called to be in, and you will learn how to use business as the vehicle to get to the top of your vertical. Remember, we are not to look for Evacuation but Occupation. So, climb to the top of your vertical in excellence and securing if for the Kingdom of GOD.
  5. Now that you have identified your purpose or assignment, discovered your talents and strengths, and zeroed in on your specific vertical we plug you into the business vehicle that will best support you in that journey. You are also provided a full video-based business plan system complete with the “How To’s” necessary and motivational training needed to prosper. Each module is complete with downloadable documents and homework assignments to get you moving to the top of your vertical.
  6. Once you have completed the entire online course, you are then plugged into a Mastermind Peer Group that will support you as your run your race. Other Business owners unselfishly come up with answers for your concern or problem, this helps promote the “Not About You” attitude that permeates throughout BMI. It is time we move AS ONE!
  7. Finally, you have all the pieces you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Now comes the greatest phase of training called TRIALS. This is the most important step of your learning, because as you move up your vertical (mountain) people with try to sink many “hooks” into you. These hooks can only be burned out through the a fiery trial. The is necessary so that when you reach the pinnacle you will have no to glorify but God. Remember, what/whom you bow to on your way up – you will SERVE once you are there.
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