I saw you speak at a networking event in Scottsdale a little over two years ago. You spoke to the longing in my heart to experience more of the power of God in my life. I met you after and bought your book. As I read it, I realized more of how much was missing in my own life. I was at the end of a failed marriage, and for the second year in a row I was wiped out financially. I have now seen my business prosper, and have started a business of my dreams and vision. I have also just had my first book published, and my second one is going to the publisher soon. Best of all for the first time in my life, I am in a marriage that I had always longed for. John 14 had always bothered me, because I did not feel like I was equipped to live out what Jesus was talking about. You are the first person I have come across to address what I was questioning. The principles in your book have been with me the last two years, and I just finished the book again today. Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude, so I will express it through my life. – Rich

Nick, I saw you for one session at Lighthouse in Stony Plain Alberta a few months ago. My husband and I purchased your “awaken…” book and a CD. Thank-you for your obedience to live out your purpose.

I was running stuck and one sentence in your book helped me to take a leap forward. When you were talking about how God made things so that we will attract what we focus on rather than what we want, that helped me to see WHY I was running stuck on one particular issue (and a few others). I was able to see the lie and correct it to the truth in God’s word that He has given me victory in every situation. Thanks for this needed push into more peace, love and joy. – D.C.

Well, you have profoundly touched my life. Your teachings through class, the BMI website, and your book have made an impact on me. I came to Church On The Street (out of prison) with no idea of how to live a Christian life. The only knowledge of the Word of God that I had was sixteen months (the time I sat in county jail facing 22 years of prison) and absolutely no clue what was in store for me. What a relief to me to know that someone else (experienced, wise, & intelligent) seems to feel the incongruity as well.
– Terri Gaitan

Nick, I am challenged daily by your book [and program]. I’ll admit I am waking up, but I am not fully awake yet…it is like I’m re-reading sections to slap myself into fully waking up. Thank you. :-)
– Mark Molenaar

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